Google Redefines Web Browser Gaming

Torrence BooneSince 2010, Torrence Boone has overseen Google’s agency-focused advertising endeavors in the Americas as the company’s managing director. Torrence Boone, a graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School, also serves on the company’s executive management team for the Americas.

Google recently released Journey Through Middle-earth, an HTML 5-based videogame that can be played on computers, tablets, and smartphones through the Google Chrome web browser. The game is more than a promotional technique for the upcoming Hobbit feature film, however, and has been received by critics and users as an ambitious and potentially revolutionary installment for web browser-based games. Google has spent the last 12 months demonstrating its new browser’s capabilities through the Google Experiments initiative, but the impressive 3D graphics and various device interactions demonstrated by the new Hobbit game have exceeded expectations when it comes to gaming. The game, first announced in May, was developed by Sweden’s North Kingdom.

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