Digitas to Partner with NYU’s Motion Capture Lab on 3D Technology

Torrence BooneTorrence Boone is an experienced digital marketing executive who currently oversees Google’s agency sales operations throughout the Americas. After graduating from Stanford University and Harvard Business School, he held a senior manager position with Bain & Company and then went on to become the president of the digitally focused brand agency Digitas.

Digitas recently announced that it would partner with New York University’s Movement Lab as part of its efforts to collaborate with educational institutions in the interest of promoting digital innovations. NYU’s Movement Lab is a studio and research body focused on the study and application of all types of human movement.

The partnership, which represents the Movement Lab’s first collaboration with an integrated brand agency, means the lab will establish a cutting-edge 3D motion capture operation inside Digitas’ New York office. Digitas is donating the space at no cost to the organization.

Three-dimensional motion capture technology has several marketing applications, including the ability to create live-action experiences for entertainment purposes and enhance Internet search experiences.